New Genos Firmware Update Version 2.0 | Release Date: 15th November


The greatly anticipated version 2.0 of the Genos Firmware update is soon to be available and is set for release on 15th November this year. But what is actually new? Firstly, to avoid any confusion, this is not a new Genos keyboard… we’ve had some enquiries already about the new update and some interpreted this as Yamaha releasing a brand new instrument – this is not true. Version 2.0 is a firmware update for the Genos Keyboard and will be available to download for FREE via Yamaha’s website.

We’re excited that we can finally reveal what the update can do and just how brilliant it is. I think you’ll be impressed. Version 2.0 for the Yamaha Genos will really enhance your user experience and open up lots of new performance possibilities. From chord looper to brand new styles… this new firmware update is something really special. Here are some of the things you’ll gain when updating your Genos to Version 2.0:

Increased Expansion Memory.
We were impressed with the original 1.8gb of storage the Genos had to offer but now after updating to version 2.0, you’ll be boosting your keyboards expansion memory to a whopping 3.0gb, giving you loads of room for more content on your Genos.

Brand New Styles and Voices.
Version 2.0 gives you the GENOS VER 2.0 SUPERIOR PACK which includes 50 all-new styles to your Genos and over 60 SA2 (‘Super Articulation 2’) premium voices (‘Pan Flutes’, ‘Female vocals’ and ‘Trombone’). You’ll also find some voices introduced on the Yamaha SX900, now available on the Genos. We can’t wait to hear how they sound.


Chord Looper.
Having been introduced into our worlds earlier this year with the release of the Yamaha SX900, Chord Looper will now become a part of your Genos experience. It’s an unbelievably helpful tool, perfect for songwriters, and allows you to play a sequence of chords and set them to ‘loop’ – freeing up your left hand to play something else. You can save up to 8 sequences into each bank and it’s a super easy interface to use, so it’ll take you no time at all to get used to. You can even link it to the already brilliant Yamaha SmartPianist app which will read your iTunes/Spotify collection, analyse it and then insert the chord sequences into the keyboard! – pretty amazing!

You can download the Genos Firmware Update Version 2.0 for FREE by clicking HERE

Style Section Reset.
Now, when you press the [TAP TEMPO] button when playing with a style, the accompaniment will jump to the beginning of the bar. The style section reset is really handy when you’re playing a piece with a varying time signature and yet again Yamaha are giving you more and more control as a player.


Alphabetical Playlist Sort. Gone are the days of sifting through lists and lists of playlist files, scrolling endlessly to find the one you want; You can now sort through your playlists on the Genos in alphabetical order and find them in no time at all. HOORAY!

And that’s not all… some other features on Version 2.0 are:

  • Quick Installation Via USB Flash Drive.
    • The Yamaha Expansion Manager has also been updated in conjunction with the release of Genos Version 2.0, which now allows for ‘Quick Installation’ using a USB Flash Drive. It’s now easier than it has ever been to download additional expansion packs to your Genos.
  • Style Creator Improvement.
    • You’ll find editing styles very simple with an improved layout and operations display – optimising functionality and allowing for faster and simpler edits to be made.
  • Improve Scale Tune Function.
    •  You’re now able to assign the scale tune to each individual part for Right 1, Right 2 and Right 3 voices in the Scale Tune display.

If you want to learn a little more about the Genos Update Version 2.0, you can read a full specification list and everything that has been improved on Yamaha’s website by clicking HERE.

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Are you impressed? I know we are here at ePianos and we can’t wait to get our hands on it when it’s released on November 15th.

Remember, if you’re not able to download the firmware for free, call us on 01295 266 788 and purchase a Genos Tipster USB (with instructions!) for only £18.99.


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