Chris Hammond
Sales & Marketing Manager

Modern digital piano technology is amazing!

It's truly amazing what you can do with the latest technology.

We are very spoiled here at ePianos. For a musician it’s rather like being a kid in a sweet shop, we are surrounded by all the latest piano/keyboard toys!

The capabilities of the latest Yamaha digital pianos are really something to behold and one particular feature I love on the Yamaha Clavinova CVP800 series (CVP805, CVP809) is called ‘Piano Room’.

In short, it allows the pianist to simply play the different types (of pianos of which some of the finest in the world are built in e.g. Yamaha CFX concert grand and Bosendorfer Imperial grand) without any fuss or complications. The piano you have chosen is displayed on the large colour touch screen on the piano’s front panel. The experience can then be enhanced by pressing a single button and having a band or orchestra join in with you seamlessly.

The technology is so clever and detecting what you playing and having the band members join in and play along with you, the effect being an instant jam session!

The model I use in this video is Yamaha Clavinova CVP-705 which has been replaced by the new CVP-805 which you can view on our website by clicking here.


Chris takes us through some of the awesome features seen on a modern digital piano

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