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January Sale Deals

All of our deals on the january sale in one place for you to look through.
We have deals on the Yamaha Avant Grande, CSP, CLP, Arius & P Series.

Avant Grand Series
January Sale Deals

These pianos use the real mechanical key actions from Yamaha’s range of traditional pianos and merge them with the highest quality digital piano sounds and stunning design. The result is the most authentic playing experience ever but without the need for tuning or maintenance.

P Series / DGX
January Sale Deals

The ‘P’ in Yamaha P series stands for ‘portable’. Yamaha P Series pianos are designed to be lightweight enough to transport easily but retain the touch and sound of a traditional piano.

Arius Series
January Sale Deals

Very popular with beginners because of their lower prices, Arius pianos share many of the features with the more expensive Clavinova CLP series including weighted keys, being digitally in tune, having a control for volume, and you can plug in headphones when you need complete silence so that only the person playing can listen.

CLP Series
January Sale Deals

These pianos are designed to give the most faithful recreation of playing a concert standard grand piano, with no tuning or maintenance required. Yamaha CLP pianos are not heavy on features; the design is simplified for ease of use with the emphasis on practical features like volume control, practice modes and a metronome.

CSP Series
January Sale Deals

The CSP Series gives you the ability to play the songs you always wanted to play, featuring state-of-the-art smart technologies and concepts that let you fulfill your dream of performing on a piano using free, dedicated Yamaha iPad apps.