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How to record onto a USB from a Yamaha P515

This is a handy tip that can really come in useful when you are wanting to share your recordings with your friends, or create music via DAW softwares etc… it’s also just a very helpful thing to know!

How to record onto a USB from a Yamaha P515
Max Humphrey

So, this is actually way more simple than most people (like me) would expect! As long as your USB is compatible with the Yamaha P515, then this should work just fine. If it isn’t, or you are in need of getting one that is, then check out our ‘Genos Tipsters USB sticks’ on our website – free postage, next working day delivery.

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So once your P515 is switched on and the USB stick is plugged in, simply hold the ‘REC’ button and it should give you 3 options, scroll down to ‘New Song (USB)’ or ‘New Audio(USB)’.

If you would like to burn your recording onto a CD or to share it on social media, then you will want to record it as Audio, so it can be saved as a WAV. file onto your USB Flash Drive.

Once you have decided this, you will want to press the ‘REC’ button once you have finished recording and after that, you press save on the screen.

It will then tell you that it is saving your recording onto the USB… and that is literally it! How simple was that hey?

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If you are having problems doing this, then make sure to check whether or not your USB device is compatible with the Yamaha P515(see YAMAHA COMPATIBILITY LIST here – https://usa.yamaha.com/files/download/other_assets/4/1237144/DP_en_P-515.pdf ) , and once it is plugged in, hit ‘FUNCTION’, then go down to the ‘System’ category and go to ‘Utility’.

Then go into ‘USB Format’, and press ‘EXECUTE’. Then go back to the beginning of this blog and continue as normal.

If however it still isn’t working, then try doing a factory reset(does the job 90% of the time) – Turn the keyboard off, then hold down the furthest key on the right whilst switching it back on. Now it will reset and try the process over again.

If still not working then feel free to contact us via the details at the top of our website.

I hope you found this blog informative and helpful. See you on the next one!

Max Humphrey Piano & keyboard specialist
Max is a relatively recent addition to our sales team, and is a talented multi-instrumentalist. You’ll speak with him here in sales, and you’ll also see him in many of our ePianos product videos.

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