How To Make a Blank Registration Set on a Yamaha Genos

Ever wanted to start from scratch and have a blank set of registrations on the Genos? You have? Me too. I find having a completely fresh set of the 10 blue buttons much more exciting as a musician – the blank canvas ready for your masterpiece. It also makes it a little bit easier to save them, without worrying about your previous/current bank already loaded in.

There are two ways of starting fresh with a blank set of registrations, simply follow the instructions below below:

  1. Turn the Genos off. 
  2. Hold down the far rightmost black key (it’s an F#!) 
  3. While holding down the key, turn the Genos back on. 
  4. The registration bank will now be cleared! 

You’re now free to start creating your own registration bank full of your favourite sounds and settings!

To find out the alternative way, watch our helpful tip video below!




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