Great February Organ Deals

Two Great February Offers

Following a busy January we’ve had in some great part exchanges, including these two very special premium model organs. We have some great deals with a very generous PX allowance for you -so grab yourself a bargain – these are rare models and won’t be here for long!
– David Cooper, Owner


Lowrey Symphony Limited Edition – £12,999



This is one of the best Lowrey models ever made, launched in January 2014, as a big upgrade from the renowned Lowrey Stirling.

Lowrey models have always been known for their warm and soft organ sounds and this model is no exception. It’s vast array of sounds, styles, registrations and effects make it a dream for organists who like to experiment, and also for those who just like to find a preset setting and play.

With an instrument like this you can while-away hours, using the on board presets or have fun adjusting and adapting the sound using the hundreds of voices and styles.

It has a height adjustable bench including music storage drawers, and this model has no less than 3 different screens to let you see what’s selected in all the sections- one of which is the main colour touch screen.

The Symphony LE includes a CD player so that you can play along with other music, and you can have great fun choosing from 286 fully orchestrated rhythm styles, 286 all organ styles and 452 “Genius” sounds, which include a special theatre section with 32 dedicated theatre set ups too.

And much like the Lowrey Stirling, you get the same beautiful cabinet and control panel – but the Symphony LE offers you a better, fuller, warmer and bigger sound. Improvements from the Stirling include 26 new styles, 4 new Category Presets, 572 new Rhythm Presets and 28 new song set ups.

Bemore Genesis – £13,999


Bemore is a new organ brand, brainchild of Richard van Kooij, a Dutch organist and electronics engineer who wanted to introduce a highly spec’d – but simple to use organ into the market, his opinion was that most high end organs are quite complicated to understand and that Bemore’s models are to be much more straightforward to understand- leaving more time to play and less time to work out all the buttons.

The Genesis uses a windows 10 processor which makes all your selections very fast using solid state memories like the new Yamaha Genos, so very efficient- and the style section is quite unique, it allows you to upload styles from all the other big names- so you can even upload styles from Korg, Yamaha Tyros, Yamaha Genos and Roland.

One of the benefits is that Bemore has used a 15 ½ inch very large and very clear touch screen to show what is selected and this makes every choice easy.

The Genesis has 2 x 61 note keyboards and a 17 note pedalboard. It’s finished in a high gloss stunning white cabinet, and has a matching white bench.

This organ is fun to play and very straightforward, even though you have the opportunity to mix up to 4 voices in the upper keyboard and 3 in the lower. It includes fantastic theatre, church and electronic organ sounds, loads of orchestral voices and a full set of drawbars so that you can be inventive yourself- though there are loads of presets if you want to use the sounds of the experts.

At £22,900 new, and only launched in the last 3years, this model is great value at only £13,999.

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