Genos 2.0 Installation Part 3 ( New Superior Playlist)

So this part of the upgrade will give you another playlist with 50 songs in

You will need to transfer it from a USB stick and if you’ve not bought the stick and instructions from us you will need to download the file from the Yamaha website- just follow the  link below

Click Here

Once on the USB stick you will need to transfer it to your Genos.


Before plugging the stick into your Genos, press the long white “Playlist” button on the right hand side panel of your Genos and then look on the screen to see what USB files are already in your keyboard. If it came from our shop then you should already have USB1 plugged in, and if you now add the stick with the updates on you should see it appear here as USB2.

If you press the long rectangle at the top of the screen you will see the file selection page and you will need to ensure that “user” is selected at the top of the screen page and USB2 ( your plugged in stick) is shown on the left hand side of the screen too.

OK, so you need to copy the file called “playlist for Genos V2 superior pack” from USB 2

Press USB2, now press the file icon at the top of the screen. Select “copy”, highlight “playlist for Genos V2 superior pack”, then select “copy” again in the top right hand corner of the screen. 

Now select it’s destination which is USB1 (the usb stick in the compartment underneath your Genos) and then select “Copy Here”

It will now have copied the file to the main storage stick underneath.

Registration Bank

You will also need to transfer all the files into the registration bank, so to open this up- simultaneously press the “Registration Bank +” and “Registration -” buttons

In the registration area you need to copy the registration parts of the “playlist for Genos V2 superior pack” from the USB2 to USB1

Open up the “playlist for Genos V2 superior pack” in USB2 and once all of the songs are on display starting with “Adios Amor” at the top you need to go to the “file” icon at the top of the page again and select “Copy”, then “Select all” and then “Copy” again

Select the USB1 file on the left and then open the “playlist for Genos V2 superior pack” file and then “Copy Here” to copy in all the songs

All the songs will now be available in the playlist section for you to to select just the same as in other playlists and you are now able to remove the stick from the front of your Genos.