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Please include features shared with the TYRO 4 Best regards Welshman
Welshman | 2 weeks ago
Hi David when I plug a pedal into the assign portal at the rear to change the parts ABCD. The tempo and backing doesn’t match the song. It’s completely different to the backing I get without a pedal.
Andrew Long | 2 weeks ago
I’ve just finished catching up on #1 and found it to be most informative, I’ll be back doing it all again for #2 today. Unfortunately I can’t watch it live but I do have a question for my Genos …..I’ve tried locking down the assign keys when assigned fade in/out to assign button F but some registration remove this back to default, I can’t understand this as it doesn’t happen with all my registrations….am I saving something with the registrations that cause the assigned key to revert? Not a major problem as I tend to press the assigned button to fade in on my first tune and if it comes up with an error I can re-programme it but it gets awkward when it changes again after I’ve bee playing for a while. Any recommendations would be helpful Keep up the good work with the weekly live stuff….I thoroughly enjoyed No1
Stephen Johnson | 2 weeks ago
Hi I have a Tyros 5 Linked via midi to a Orla Traditional system Question 1. How can I use the hold on the Orla keyboard for the Left hand sound? Question 2. Can the Orla Traditional keyboard be split? Can you please send me a copy of your registration from your last live show. !3/07/2021. Dam busters etc.
John Charles | 2 weeks ago
How can I change the style on a bank of saved registration
Archie | 2 weeks ago
Hi David Excelent series of live broadcasts! Question on genos. when having loaded a midi file to play as song B is it posiible to see what voices and settings etc are in use for that song. Many thanks Dennis Noble.
Dennis Noble | 2 weeks ago
When making your own registration,sometimes why is there a split second delay when say you go from 3 to 4 as an example ,could be others ,depending on how many you have ,on the style .if you register say style C on reg no 3 then on 4 it’s style D
Adrian | 2 weeks ago
Hi David my Genos will be 4 years old in November and I just love it, but I don’t understand why the USB sockets keep changing position. I have one men card in the rear which I use for backups and one under the keyboard which has old Tyros 4 data, both these never come out. Why is it that when I add a third one top right, it sometimes swaps places with one of the others but not always. This means I have to be careful if deleting all the contents of the stick in the top in case I am deleting the wrong stick.
Graham Foxall | 6 days ago
Hi David,I have a Tyros 4 .. fantastic kit..however,when I select to play the "shadows"type music the lead guitar 🎸 seems to need to have the keys pressed harder than what is normally required . Is there a way of increasing the sensitivity of the keys ? ...the strange thing is I don't have this situation when playing any other instruments. Hope you can help.. Many thanks, Chris Skinner... Pembroke,West Wales
Chris | 2 days ago
Hi David, I have been offered tyros 4 and 5 styles (strawberry) can they be safely loaded on to my Genos.
Alan | 2 days ago
Hi David I would like to know if it’s possible to connect my I pad to my Tyros 5. I would like also to say thank you for all your video’s over the years they have been a great help, keep up the good work. Ralph Coombs.
Ralph Coombs | 16 hours ago

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