Do electric pianos need tuning?

Chris Hammond

No. That is the simple answer.

An electric or digital piano as we call them will never go out of tune because there are no strings in them to go out of tune. This is one of the reasons they are becoming so popular.

On a traditional piano, the sound you hear is the vibration of a taut string, (sometimes several strings) which has been struck by a hammer, propelled by your finger through a very clever key mechanism. It is most often these strings losing their tension that causes pianos to go out of tune.

Do electric pianos need tuning?

Chris explains why digital pianos don't go out of tune

And they require quite a lot of careful maintenance to keep in tune for any decent length of time.
Things like keeping them somewhere not too hot or cold, too dry or too humid. You can’t keep them too near a radiator or in direct sunlight.

Even the simple act of playing them gradually causes them to lose their tuning, and this only gets worse the older the piano gets.

Now, what you hear in most digital pianos is actually a recorded sample of a perfectly tuned traditional piano which is repeated each time you play. There are no strings inside to go out of tune therefore it will never ever need tuning.

As I said before this is one of the main reasons that digital pianos are becoming so popular for home use compared to traditional pianos. Other major reasons are:

Volume control – Unlike a traditional piano which is mostly set to one volume. Digital pianos allow you to lower the volume you’re playing at or to play using headphones. Ideal for practicing in the evening or simply for privacy.

Portability – Most of use have experienced how heavy traditional pianos are. Even the bigger digital pianos are relatively easy to move and you can easily house them upstairs.

Functionality – I often think of digital pianos as what pianos would be like if they were invented today! – The technology available today is incredible and means digital pianos can allow you to play many different sounds not just piano, but strings, guitars, percussion, all sorts.

You can record what you’re playing with built-in recording studios and email what you’ve done instantly. You can, at the press of a button have an entire orchestra or band join in with what you’re playing and intelligently react to your inputs.

There are even digital pianos that will teach you to play. Seriously – check out the video below.

Modern digital piano technology is amazing! – Yamaha Clavinova CVP705

See some of the amazing things that modern digital pianos can do

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