Yamaha SX900 vs SX700 | A comparison of Yamaha’s new PSR keyboards.

Comparing The Differences Between The SX700 And the SX900

So I am sure that you have now read our previous couple of blogs where we have been telling you all about the newest releases from Yamaha, the PSR SX700 and the PSR SX900. If  you haven’t they are definitely worth a read, and I shall link these for you below.

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With a lot of our products, we have customers asking about what the main differences are between one product and another. Understandably when making a big purchase like this, it is very important to ensure that you are buying the right product for you; giving you all of the right features that you need. We are here to provide you with the most straightforward and direct comparisons, so keep reading if you would like to know more!

In the most basic terms, I am now going to list some of the main differences between the new Yamaha Keyboard releases, the PSR SX700 and the SX900.

Here at ePianos we are very excited about this keyboard release, and we believe that both of these models are just fantastic.

So lets get to it! Here are some of the key differences..

  • So starting with internal memory, the PSR SX900 has 4GB, the SX700 has just 1GB


  • The Chord Looper is a fantastic new feature on the SX900, and this feature is not included on the SX700


  • The SX900 has a “screen out” option now, where you can use a standard cable to view the whole screen on a large display. This is Ideal for Karaoke fans too, so that words from midi files can be seen on a large screen


  • The expansion Memory has been included for free too, so on the SX900 you’ll get a 1GB memory included. On the SX700, you get 400 megabytes included. You now also get some free content loaded from the country it is supplied from, so they’ll be some relevant packs pre installed when we supply it to you.


  • There is now a microphone or guitar input on both the SX700 and The SX900. This means you could even plug in a guitar, and it will play through the speakers of the keyboard. For microphones, you’ll get the added benefits of vocal harmonies. These would be made up from the chords that you are playing.


  • There are 2 x USB ports on the SX900, and one on the SX700. This makes it so much easier loading in and transferring files between USB sticks


  • There are 2 extra “Sub Out” outputs on the SX900, which can be allocated to whatever you would like.


  • You can run 2 x Insert effects on the style section of the SX900, so you could add effects to what you are playing. You could do this perhaps by adding Compression to the drums, or adding distortion to the guitar in the style. This compares to no insert effects on the older models like the S975, where you couldn’t add any. These effects can make huge enhancements to your style section.


  • There are loads more voices on the SX900 compared to the SX700, in fact 351 more main voices and an extra 121 extra “Super Articulation” voices too (which are the more elaborate ones with extra effects depending on the way you play the keys and use the articulation buttons).


  • There are 125 extra styles on the SX900, giving you 525 in total. 6 of them are free play styles; compared to only 3 on the SX700

So there we are, just a few key points that will hopefully help you when making your decision. I hope that you have found this comparison useful. If you have any more questions please do feel free to give us a call on 01295 266788 or email us on sales@epianos.co.uk – and we will be more than happy to help you.

We welcome in part exchanges too! Why not get in contact with us and we will be able to let you know the best deal that we are able to offer you?

Why not treat yourself and pre-order one now?

Follow this link to purchase your very own Yamaha PSR SX 900 here

Follow this link to purchase your very own Yamaha PSR SX 700 here

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