CLP 700 Series Range Comparison

Which CLP suits you best?

If you would like to know the differences about the Yamaha CLP 700 series, you’re in the right place!

First of all, let’s start our selection with the first piano of the CLP700 series; the CLP735. (Yamaha no longer start their CLP series with a CLP725, they’ve jumped straight to a CLP735- as the Arius models like the YDP164 and the YDPS54 were very similar to the CLP625 in the previous range)

So, it’s a digital piano, you’ve got a nice speaker system, you’ve got 88 keys, you’ve got page holders to hold your pages open, and you’ve got a hook for your headphones. The CLP735 has got 38voices to choose from and it includes some new voices, the new samples of the yamaha CFX grand and also the bosendorfer. You have also got some sounds really suitable for playing chopin and mozart, some older piano samples from original instruments, you’ve got a drum feature of rhythms that you can play along with 20 different drum patterns, you’ve also got bass lines that will play automatically along with the chords that you’re playing and you’ve got a metronome feature.

If I was trying to pick something to say against this model it would be the plastic keys. When we go higher up the range, the wooden keys make a big difference to your playing experience.

The CLP735 has plastic keys and the specification on this model is almost identical to the Baby Grand version; the CLP765GP. The Baby Grand is about four foot square. If you wanted to fit it into a corner, it does actually go in quite easily (it doesn’t take up as much room as you might imagine).
The actual look of the instrument is stunning. We’ve got the lid just like on a grand piano, that will come down. The sound will be a little bit softer when the lid is closed, and a bit brighter when the lid is up. It is a really great piano, and the specification on this model is almost identical to the CLP735 we have just spoken about. The difference on the CLP765GP, is that it has both a pair of 50 watt speakers and a pair of 42 watt speakers. On the lower model we have just two pairs of 25 watt speakers; so the actual sound system on this one is much better than on the CLP735.

Now, when we move up to the next model the CLP745, we are going to have all of the same features again, but with a couple more. With the CLP745, we’re going to get wooden keys. This is the first big difference. The wooden keys make the CLP745 a lot more tactile and a nicer instrument to play. We have got built into here bluetooth midi too.On this model we’ve got two pairs of 50 watt speakers, we’ve got the wooden keys, and we’ve got the bluetooth. These features make a huge difference. Yamaha have put metal page holders on the piano now, rather than the plastic ones that were on the lower models. You have still got your headphone hook under the piano too.

So moving up from the CLP745 digital piano, we go to the CLP775. The CLP775 has a new improved key action on the piano now, which is called the grand touch action; and it is linear. This means that every single note on the piano has got a different feel to it. From the heaviest keys at the bottom of the piano, all the way up to the top keys being gradually lighter to play. The piano has a much more accurate key action with this feature.

The CLP775 has also got a brand new panel for the controls. The controls are to the far left hand side of the panel, and when the piano is not switched on, the touchscreen blends in very well with the colour of the piano. When the piano is turned on, the controls are all on this touch screen and are lit up whilst we are adjusting the settings. As soon as we stop touching the screen, it will fade out. Essentially we can bring the touch screen panel back on at any point and control it all very very easily, going into the different sections. The guys at yamaha have very cleverly hidden the screen away. So the CLP775 in summary, has Grand Touch linear action, better speakers; we’ve actually got a pair of 50 watt speakers, a pair of 42 watt speakers, and a pair of 20 watt speakers- so it’s like a big subwoofer full of speakers to give you a really rich sound. This will make all the difference when you’re comparing this piano to the lower models in the range.

Something else that Yamaha have done, is that they’ve made the grand piano damper pedal response just like a real grand piano. So it starts off lighter and the further you get down it’s a bit heavier and that’s going to give you the same sort of effects as a real grand piano. All of these features just make the piano so much more accurate to play.

So, we’ve got the CLP775, we’ve got the CLP745 and the CLP735, and the baby grand cabinet model- the CLP765GP and they are all fantastic instruments. We welcome you to come to our showroom and have a play, or watch some of the videos that we have produced on our youtube channel.

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