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A playing review of the Yamaha CLP-795GP

Yamaha CLP795GP - CLP-795GP Lifestyle
Chris Hammond

I was lucky enough to sit down for a long playing session on the Yamaha CLP-795GP recently. Before I even placed a finger on the keys I couldn’t help but be impressed with the stylish design of the piano itself. It is an absolutely beautiful piece of furniture.

The CLP-795GP and its little brother the CLP-765GP, retain the elegance of a concert grand piano but without requiring a concert hall to put it in! Concert grand pianos are typically between 8/9ft long.

The Yamaha CLP-795GP and CLP765GP are just over 4ft long. They are similar in length to a standard baby grand piano.

Yamaha CLP-795GP piano review | The Booth #9

Watch our long playing session on the Yamaha CLP-795GP

If you haven’t done it regularly, sitting at the face of a concert grand piano is actually quite an intimidating experience. The sheer size of the instrument and the volume it can produce is quite different from a typical upright piano or bedroom keyboard.

When sitting at the face of the CLP-795GP, there is, without doubt, a similar type of feeling, particularly as the front of the piano is designed to look identical to a Yamaha CFX concert grand from the player’s perspective.

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When you start to play, it becomes immediately clear that there is depth to the sound. Again, like playing a ‘real’ concert grand, there are seemingly infinite variations in the sound when playing with light and shade.

If you play with emotion, then the CLP-795GP will give you the room, tonally speaking, to properly express yourself.

It’s really quite remarkable how the lightest touch can produce a tiny, bell-like, ring, and when playing with gusto, you can feel the energy coming from the extended cabinet speakers.

Being a digital instrument, the CLP-795GP doesn’t limit us to a single piano sound in the way that traditional pianos do. By default, every time the piano is turned on, you will be playing the Yamaha CFX III concert grand.

On the touch panel, you will see an option to change the sound to the Bosendorfer Imperial grand which gives a completely different character altogether, with lovely, deep, chocolatey tones. It’s an absolute pleasure to play.

Yamaha CLP-795GP 360° Virtual Inspection

Take a close-up inspection of the Yamaha CLP-795GP piano

There are more than just two pianos to choose from. Easily accessible via the touch panel – which very neatly disappears when not in use – you have several other models of Yamaha piano to choose from. There is something for just about every taste and style of music.

Overall, the Yamaha CLP-795GP, and its little brother, the CLP-765GP, capture the visual style of a baby grand piano very well, and when it comes to the playing experience, Yamaha’s industry-leading technology does a fabulous job of allowing you to feel connected to the instrument.

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