Lowrey Premier
£2999 £2249 – call us now (0191) 257 1666!

Featuring a cabinet in beautiful walnut and a roll-top to keep everything protected and dust free.  The Premier has an amazing 594 rhythm presets with categories such as big band and Latin.

The Premier has 200 song setups to get you playing straight away and has other amazing features such as the music rack extender, music recorder and harmony button.

Lowrey Sensation
£5999  £4499 – call us now (0191) 257 1666!

Featuring a cabinet made of beautiful oak and a gorgeous roll-top to keep everything protected and dust free,
the Sensation has an amazing 1,987 presets with categories such as big band, Latin, sacred, country, holidays and more.

It also has 500 song titles programmed in with setups to get you playing straight away. Other amazing features are the color touch screen, deluxe bench, touchbar, music recorder, golden harp and harmony button.

Lowrey Prestige
£11999  £8999 – call us now (0191) 257 1666!

With thousands of easy-to-use presets and an array of rhythm styles, the Prestige is a musical machine that will give you hours of fun, offering a unique
combination of high-performance music-making
capability and easy play technology:

-5,799 Total Presets, General Presets-11, CategoryPresets-231, 11 per Category:
– 216 Fully-Orchestrated Styles
– Full Colour 320 X 240 LCD “Touch Screen”
– Dozens of Tab controls

Lowrey Symphony
£12999  £9749 – call us now (0191) 257 1666!

New ‘Virtual Orchestra’ technology produces a sound unlike any Lowrey before. We strongly feel that the Symphony redefines the whole concept of the home organ.

There are over 7,500 presets in the Symphony that cover every possible musical style. To enhance your playing even further is a fully orchestrated rhythm section with new Pianist and Guitarist styles. Couple this with a new large split colour touch screen, virtual speaker technology, amazing new orchestral and organ tones the Symphony is an instrument for any level of player.

Featuring the latest technology from Lowrey, a USB memory stick and a built in CD recorder.

Lowrey Rhapsody
£4999  £3749 – call us now (0191) 257 1666!

The Rhapsody has an amazing 1,500 presets.  Five category buttons holds ten presets for each group: Country, Big Band, Show, Latin and Sacred.  Lowrey has a built in database that links a preset with a song title.  Choose your favourite song title from the list and an appropriate registration becomes available.  There are 400 song titles to choose from!

If you like to sing the Rhapsody is the instrument for you.  With Karaoke capabilities built in, song lyrics can be displayed on the large information center screen.

A long time Lowrey favorite, Golden Harp offers three beautiful arpeggio styles from which to choose.  Other amazing features are the music rack extender, deluxe bench, music recorder and harmony buttons.

Lowrey Odyssey
£1899  £1425 – call us now (0191) 257 1666!

As well as ease of use, the Odyssey features the traditional rich Lowrey sound. A number of flute tabs enable you to create a large number of organ combinations.

Lowrey has become very famous for its high quality rhythm styles, and 42 fully orchestrated rhythm styles complete with 11 presets for each style means that you can play your song with a wide choice of different sounds.

Lowrey Fanfare
£6999 £5249 – call us now (0191) 257 1666!

The Fanfare by Lowrey sets a new standard of excellence with an incredible assortment of authentic instrumental sounds, “Live Performance” styles, and easy to use “Touch-and-Play” setups that create beautiful music. A design that is both elegant and user-friendly, the Fanfare dramatically enhances the player’s music-making.

Standards, Traditional Country, Gospel, Broadway, Latin, Smooth, Ballad, Rock, Pop, 3/4, Mix
Full Band
Frank & The Count, Smooth Fox Trot, March / Polka, Swing March (6/8 March), Roadside Café, Country Swing, Hand Clappin’, Southern, Opener, New York Swing, Ballroom Latin, Bossa Nova, EZ 4/4, Jazzee, Wonder Full World, Spots of Ink, 8-Beat Rock, Fab 4, Pop Shuffle, Bandstand, EZ Waltz, Modern Jazz Waltz, Aloha, Disco

2-Beat Piano, Jazz Club, Classical Piano, Arpeggio Piano, Rinkie Tink, Floyde Piano, Gospel Ballad, Soulful, Awesome Piano, Soliloquy, Piano Bossa, Tango, Heart Songs, Piano Offering, 50’s Love Ballad, Piano Colour, Memphis Piano, Rock & Roll Piano, Ragtime Piano, Boogie Piano, Southern 3/4, Piano 3/4, Candelabra Piano, Smokey Lounge

Lowrey EZ1

£999 £749 – call us now (0191) 257 1666!

The smallest member of the Lowrey range certainly has a big sound! The EZ1 is a perfectly designed single keyboard organ. Featuring a great selection of sounds and styles this model is ideal for very first time player or someone wanting a portable Lowrey.

One Finger Chords, Chord Memory, Automatic Bass
Red, Blue, and Green Chord Lights
Keyboards ABC’s

Intro Ending
Start Stop
Drums Volume
Beat Indicator

Setups: A complete sound setting designed for each Music Style

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