Tyros Tipsters

Used Tyros 5 Keyboards at our best ever prices!

Including MS05 Speakers, 4 x Tipsters Tuition DVDs, 600 Tipsters Registrations, Firmware Update, Music Finder Update, 1GB Expansion Memory*, award- winning technical support and 2-Year Warranty

Choose an option below to see our lowest ever upgrade prices, or choose your Tyros 5 with or without speakers at our best ever price (if you have nothing to part-exchange).

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About The Tipsters

We are David Cooper and Chris Hammond, the Tyros Tipsters, from One Man Band music shop in Banbury, Oxfordshire. David (who opened the store in 1995) and Chris (the piano & keyboard dept. manager) are product specialists for Yamaha keyboards and digital pianos. Together we provide an unbeatable level of service to our customers to ensure they get the most out of their instrument.

Not only do we personally deliver and configure high-end keyboards to our customers, but we also have the knowledge and experience to offer continued support.

However, we want to help TYROS enthusiasts from further afield, which is why we launched TYROS Tipsters in July 2013. Now we can share our passion for these incredible instruments with more and more people, and help you to get something extra from your TYROS.

Keep coming back to see our latest videos, or follow our dedicated pages on Facebook and YouTube. If there is something in particular you would like to know about or have a tip to share, contact us and you could see it featuring in one of our upcoming videos.

David and Chris (the TyrosTipsters)

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